Android App to quickly capture blood pressure and body weight

Soon also on F-Droid AppStore!

Tracker free

I wrote the app partially because I wanted to try out writing an app for Android, and partly because I don't want to hand over health related data to any of the big tracking companies.


Support for Send / Import / Export via CSV files to allow manually consolidation on a PC. Files can of course also be shared via the cloud but it's controlled by the user who can use an encyrpted service. Or not...


Privacy Policy

Stored data
Only the data entered by the user is stored locally on the device. These data remain strictly confidential and are only usable by the application. Removing the application leads to the deletion of these data.

Required permissions
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used to export CSV files
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used to import CSV files

Tracking and Libraries
The application does not use any tracking tools and does not run advertising.

The use of libraries is minimized:
- AndroidPlot: For the charts
- Takisoft.fix: To fix the standard Android preference dialog



Requires Android 7.0 (API level 24) Revision 1 (August 2016) or higher