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IT Security & Privacy

With more than 30 Years of experience in international IT businesses, I am offering frellance support in a variety of IT subjects. Von interim Team-Management bis zu Linux System Administration, gerne international. In regards to technical solutions my focus is on OpenSource/Linux based services. Current projects actively support by me are amongst others:

  • Technical lead for a automated email encryption service in the UK
  • Installation and management of personal cloud environments based on Nextcloud
  • Installation and management of self hosted email servers including email encryption gateways based on Ciphermail
  • Installation and management of GDPR Platform eSpyder
  • Installation and management of customer owned team communication platform based on Mattermost

Core services

A selection of our services and solutions:


Email Encryption

Email encryption for all all, without any client side modifications.



Regain control over your data, remote collaboration made easy


eSpyder GDPR Platform

An enterprise class GDPR compliance platform